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What is TheNextBid?

TheNextBid is a simple and transparent rental property auction platform bringing together tenants, agents and landlords. It gives you control on the rental market by placing custom offers on rental homes and the ability to see the other offers. Finally tenants are provided with a level playing field.

Why TheNextBid

Transparency and Control, Finally!

Are you also fed up with not getting that rental home you so badly wanted?

Whether this happened through raffles or secretive bids, TheNextBid totally gets your frustration. With the auction platform of TheNextBid these days are over and finally you can get your dream home in transparent and fair way.

How does the auction work at TheNextBid?

The auction starts with a rental price which is usually below the listing price. The listing price then serves as an indicator price. From the start of the auction bids can be made for the rental property. You can adjust the amount you want to bid in steps of 10 Euro. On the auction page a countdown clock will be visible. When nobody puts in a bid and the time is up, the auction will close and the order of bidders is fixed.

Where can I find the Terms of Use and the Privacy Statement?

You can find the Terms of Use here and the Privacy Statement here.


What does it cost to use the TheNextBid?

All functionalities of TheNextBid can be used for free for tenants

How to have the best chance of obtaining a rental property?

Your best chance of obtaining a rental property is if you are the best to meet the requirements set by the landlord. This involves a combination of your highest bid at the auction together with the completeness and content of the personal information in your account on TheNextBid.

What are the conditions to be able to bid?

You must create a tenant account at the TheNextBid and fill in the details truthfully. If you’re under 18, you need permission from your legal representative (parent or guardian) to create an account.

What is anti-sniping?

Anti-sniping is used at the auctions TheNextBid to ensure that it is not possible that someone makes a bid at the last moment without the opportunity for the other participants to make a new bid. If there is a new highest bid made in the last 10 minutes of the auction, time will be added to make the total remaining time 10 minutes. and the participants will have the opportunity to consider a higher bid.

How can I bid?

You can bid by entering a unique amount for that particular auction and hit the button ‘bid’.

What amount can I bid?

You can offer any amount to the following terms: as long as the bid is higher than the starting price, the price has not been previously bid and is part of the set increment of e.g. 10 Euro. Additionally, you cannot make a bid below the highest bid when the price is lower than the listing price.

What is an auto bid?

The amount of an auto bid is the maximum price you want to pay for the rental home. The advantage of an auto bid is that the maximum price has not been directly bid, but it automatically outbids the current highest bid and subsequently outbids any new bids with minimal increments until the highest bid passes the maximum amount of the submitted auto bid.

How do I submit an auto bid?

You place an auto bid by filling in an amount that is above the current highest bid and pressing the button ‘auto bid´.

Why is my bid invalid?

There is an invalid bid if:

  • the amount entered is not high enough (a higher bid step is required);
  • there already is a bid placed with the same value;
  • the amount entered contains a character other than a figure, such as a letter, a comma or a dash;
  • you’ve already made a bid at three other live auctions.

What happens after the auction has ended?

When the auction is closed, on the auction page a message will appear indicating whether you are; the highest bidder, one of other 4 highest bidders or that you ended up outside the top five. The landlord will approach the highest bidder. If this bidder does not meet the requirements, the landlord will approach the second-highest bidder and then the next highest bidder and so on up to the moment the right tenant is found.

How do I create an account?

You can create an account by going to the register page and register.

How do I activate my account?

You activate your account by clicking on the activation link received in the registration mail.

I lost my password and can not log in, now what?

You can easily request a new password on the login page, click on “forgot password?”. You will receive an email with a link to the page where you can set a new password.

How do I know if a property I found elsewhere is auctioned on TheNextBid?

The description of the external listing will usually mention that the particular property is auctioned on TheNextBid. Additionally, you will be informed at the viewing that the property will be auctioned and there will be a QR code are available that will lead you to the website. You can also search the TheNextBid website and see whether the rental home is to be auctioned.

How is decided who gets the rental home?

The granting of the property is determined by the landlord and is out TheNextBid’s control. TheNextBid has no influence on it and only provides the results of the auction in an auction report to the landlord. The granting of the property will be based on the combination of the bid and the personal information.

Is my personal data safe with TheNextBid?

Yes, all login systems are secured and your personal data will only be made available to the landlord if you bid on the property from this particular landlord.

How do I report a violation of the terms of use?

You can report a violation of the terms of use of TheNextBid to info@thenextbid.com. We will get in touch with you on.

Landlord or agent

What does it cost to organize an auction?

If you are new to our platform, the first auction is completely FREE. If you want to list more properties, it will cost 39 euros excl. VAT per month to list an unlimited number of properties. This subscription can be canceled any month.

What are the conditions to auction a property?

The property must be part of the deregulated rental sector (Dutch = geliberaliseerde huursector).

How do I start an auction?

After you’ve created an account, click on your dashboard to “start auction” on the homepage or in the website header.

Can I watch the live auction?

Yes, you can do this for example by clicking on the relevant auction in your dashboard.

How do I get the auction report?

When the auction has ended from your dashboard you can go to the auction report to see the contact details and personal information of the top bidders. Please note that if you do not have a subscription at TheNextBid, you will need to pay the 10 Euro fee before the auction report will be available to you.

I do not have hired a real estate agent yet, what now?

TheNextBid has a highly regarded NVM real estate agent available to execute all tasks for you. For example, creation of the listing (text and photos), upload the listing on online marketplaces like Funda and Pararius, facilitate visits and provide advice on which tenant to pick. You can also take up some tasks yourself (e.g. to cut costs). Contact us for more information.

May I grant the property to someone who has not bid on the auction?

No, if you have created an auction at TheNextBid, you can not grant the property to a party who has not made a bid at the auction.